PDPI group in class
PDPI 2019 group in class


This course emphasizes conversational fluency, including prosody (e.g., phrasal stress, intonation, etc.), key segmentals such as vowels, oral grammar, and organization.  The course will also focus on pedagogical strategies starting with the language of classroom management.  Other pedagogical strategies include the ability to use English to introduce, define, explain and demonstrate relationships among key concepts in the teacher’s discipline.

This course focuses on the Brazilian teachers’ English pronunciation.  Teachers will do a variety of exercise to increase awareness of American English pronunciation.  They will also work on pronunciation of sounds compared to those of a native speaker.  The courses include discussions on what is learned in the course that could be adapted into lessons for their students.

This course will introduce a variety of strategies for student communication and engagement in English as a foreign language teaching.  Participants will familiarize themselves with various lessons and teaching approaches in listening, speaking and pronunciation accuracy and fluency. 

The focus of the Educational Technology course will primarily be preparing a final program project that can be digitally uploaded, promoted and disseminated to other teachers.  The course will use a workshop format, with lot of practical project work and feedback during the sessions.

Participants will attend lectures on topics of interest to EFL teachers in Brazil.  Sessions will focus on areas of curriculum and instruction for EFL students.  Ample time will be reserved for group discussion.