Your classes will help you become more comfortable and confident using English and will help you understand American society better. You will also have many opportunities to meet and talk with KU students and the people of Lawrence.

Upon arrival, you will take the Michigan Language Assessment (formerly CaMLA) Proficiency Exam. Based on your results, you will be placed into a level-appropriate regular AEC Listening/Speaking/Grammar class.

Students' schedules will be determined by their class placement.

AEC Listening/Speaking/Grammar course

Students will practice English pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary development, and listening comprehension. There will also be practice with sentence- and discourse-level grammar and vocabulary.

Community Connections

3 - 9 hours each week

You will be actively involved in a wide variety of activities to help you learn more about KU, Lawrence, and life in the United States. Orientation to the campus and the Lawrence community is an intrinsic component of the course. This course provides you with one-on-one connections with a wide range of people on campus and in the community.

Kanagawa students visiting Hilltop Child Development Center
Community Connections visit