Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Pre-Academic Program



to the University of Kansas International Short Programs.  Congratulations on your award of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship.  We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you during your time in Kansas. 

Your program will provide necessary English language training, and academic, professional and cultural orientation to assist with your transition into U.S. academic and professional settings.  Through structured and informal learning activities, you will enhance your English skills, deepen your understanding of American society and the parameters of research activities, and get to know the American Midwest and its citizens.

To assist you in your adjustment to the American cultural reality, cross-cultural awareness and an appreciation of the dimensions of cultural diversity in the U.S. will be a component of the program.  You will also have opportunities to meet a variety of members of the university faculty and local community in support of this intellectual and personal adjustment.

We hope the information on this site will answer all of your questions.  If you need more information, please email your question to

Expect to be busy, learn a lot and have fun in


This eight-week English and orientation program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE). Only participants selected by the sponsor are eligible for the program.

Travel Information

The Pre-academic Program arrival date is June 1, 2021.

It is very important that you arrive on time for your program.

Arrival at Airport 

  • An ISP staff member will be looking for you at your airline's baggage claim area with a sign that reads: UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS WELCOMES SUMMER HUMPHREY FELLOWS.  Please do not leave the baggage claim area even if you have located your luggage.
  • The staff member will help you find your luggage and catch the next shuttle to Lawrence. In some cases, you may need to wait at the airport for an hour or so.  The staff member will  be happy to answer any questions you have while you wait.
  • If you have a delay at any point on your journey, please contact ISP at 785-521-5944. We will reschedule you on a later shuttle and make sure a staff member meets you when you land.
  • There will also be an ISP staff member at the residence hall where you will be living to help you get checked in when you arrive in Lawrence.

We hope your journey is a safe one and we look forward to meeting you.

Housing and Meals


Fellows will live in Stouffer Place Apartments on the University of Kansas campus.

Each Fellow will have a private bedroom with a privite bathroom.  Amenities include the following:  furnished with bed, desk and chair, dresser and closet; full kitchen (including dishwasher), washer & dryer, wireless internet in apartment and common areas; bus service; 24-hour card swipe security.

You will be provided with bed linens, a pillow and a towel.


  • You will have a Breakfast/Dinner meal plan and will eat your meals at Mrs. E's Dining Commons.Mrs. E's features “food court-style” service, where different stations offer specialized items such as pasta, salads, sandwiches, a pizzeria, and a grill. Diners can choose from several different entrees at each meal.  There is also a station that provides cooked Halal meat
  • You will be provided with Dining Dollars on your KUID cards so that you will be able to eat lunch on campus. There are a variety of restaurants available on campus for you to choose from.
  • During your initial isolation period, meals will be "to-go" so you can eat at your apartment.


In case of sickness, you should first go to the Watkins Student Health Center on campus.


  • As an ISP student at KU, you will be eligible for the full services offered by the Watkins Student Health Center at KU. You must have your KUID with you to receive medical treatment.
  • There is a charge for many services, including medications, x-rays and minor surgery. You or your health insurance company must pay these charges. 
  • Prescriptions filled at the Student Health Center are not free, but they are less expensive than other pharmacies.
  • Dental and vision care are not available at Watkins.
Watkins Hours

Appointment Line: 785-864-9507
Pharmacy: 785-864-9512
Automated Line: 785-864-9500
Emergency: 911

Health Insurance

You will be covered by KU student health insurance.

As a student at ISP, you will be able to see a doctor for free while you are at KU.

Any medical tests, medications or treatments you receive will be partially covered by your insurance but you will also be responsible for part of these costs.  The exact distribution of charges will depend upon which tests, medication or treatments you require but, in general, insurance covers about 80% of your medical charges. 

Medical Check-in

In order to be enrolled at KU, you must have:

  • two (2) Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination
  • one (1) Meningitis vaccination
  • a Tuberculosis questionnaire

If you have an official vaccination record that shows you have already taken the MMR and/or Meningitis vaccinations in your home country, you can bring it with you. The record must be in English, show the date you took the vaccination, and be signed by a doctor. 

If you have provided us with the medical section of you Humphrey Fellowship application, it will serve as your health history and vaccination record.

In the US, the MMR vaccination contains three vaccines – one each for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.  In your country each of these vaccines might be given separately.  Your records must show two vaccinations for each disease.

If you do not have the correct vaccination record, you will be required to take the vaccinations here. 

  • Your insurance will cover the cost of these required immunizations. 
  • If you think you have had these vaccinations but don’t have a record, the staff at Watkins will offer you the possibility of taking a blood test (called a titer test) to check your immunity levels.


Academic Communication and Presentatons
This course focuses on skills in communication and discussion in a variety of contexts,.including professional presentations.  You will develop and practice professional presentation skills.  You will also hone pronunciation and oral fluency using seminar and group discussion formats. Topics will be drawn from Fellows' disciplines.
Academic Reading and Research Skills
This course prepares you for reading and research demands in U.S. higher education. The course introduces theories behind rhetorical reading. You will practice effective pre-reading, reading and post-reading strategies.  You will also be introduced to research process principles and best practices. You will learn how to identify a research topic, gather and evaluate sources from an academic library database, and then import them into a reference manager to synthesize research into a research question. Important topics of avoiding plagiarism and conducting ethical research will also be addressed.
Academic Writing
In this course, you will study argument development and support, American organizational schema, cohesion techniques and hedging language. Building academic vocabulary and honing written fluency and accuracy will be emphasized.
Computer Skills
In this course, you will be introduced to a variety of internet search engines. To prepare for final presentations, you will learn customary accepted guidelines for PowerPoint slide formats in U.S. academic settings. The instructor will also include projects in digital literacy concepts such as using social media effectively and email netiquette. Introductions to requested software programs will be included as time permits.


Sample Calendar


Field Trips
Trip to Manhattan, KS
  • Manhattan is located in Central Kansas and is the home of K-State University. You will visit the Flint Hills Discovery Center, take a driving tour of K-State, and activities such as a hike on the Konza Prairie Nature Trail or a visit to the K-State flower garden or Insect house.
Trip to Kansas City

Possible activities include:

  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is internationally recognized for its outstanding collection of more than 33,500 objects. From ancient times to modern day, this encyclopedic museum is one of the best in the country, offering visitors the opportunity to explore civilization through the eyes of painters, sculptors, craftsmen, and many other artists.
  • The National World War I Museum and Memorial is a war memorial and museum located in Kansas City, Missouri. Opened to the public as the Liberty Memorial museum in 1926, it was designated in 2004 by the United States Congress as the United States' official museum dedicated to World War I.
  • The Country Club Plaza is a privately-owned regional shopping center in the Country Club District of Kansas City, Missouri. The basic design of the Country Club Plaza reflects classic European influences, especially those of Spain. There are more than 30 statues, murals, and tile mosaics on display in the area, as well as a magnificent fountain featuring four horses rearing up on their hind legs.
US Independence Day
  • We are hoping that  on the 4th of July, you will have a chance to see how Lawrence celebrates US Independence Day.  If the pandemic restrictions allow, after dark, you will join Lawrence families by the river for a fireworks display with lots of patriotic music and fun. 
  • During that weekend You will also visit a local lake for some outdoor fun. You will have a picnic, play volleyball and soccer, and have a chance to go for a swim in the lake.
Optional Activities
Resource Information
Contact Information

If you would like to meet with an ISP staff member or if you have an emergency, please call 785-521-5944.  We can set up an appointment to meet with you in the office at 300 Strong Hall during the mornings of Tuesday or Thursday each week.

Emergency phone:  785-521-5944

Mindy Van House
Office: (785) 864-1496

Erin Greer Smith
Office: (785) 864-1557

Grace Marco
Office: (785) 864-6161

Geri Lamer
Office: (785) 864-1321

Aaron Huerter
Office: (785) 864-5316