Kansai Program


to the University of Kansas International Short Programs (ISP).  We are excited to meet you and work with you during your time in Kansas.  Your program will include intensive English study, the possibility of university academic course work and cultural enrichment through campus and Lawrence community outreach.  You will be living in campus housing and have the opportunity to meet many American students.  There are student groups you can join and activities you can participate in while you are here.  We hope the information on this site will answer all of your questions.  If you need more information, please email your question to isp@ku.edu.

Expect to be busy, learn a lot and have fun in


This program is sponsored by Kansai University in Osaka, Japan. Only participants selected by the sponsor are eligible for the program.

March - December 2020

Arrival March 13, 2020

Travel Information
  • You will be arriving at Kansas City International Airport (MCI).
  • You will spend your first night at an airport hotel.
  • ISP staff will pick you up at the hotel with a bus and escort you to Lawrence.
  • Travel time from the airport to KU is about one hour.
  • When we arrive in Lawrence ISP staff will help you get checked into your dormitory.
  • You will be meeting your roommate and getting settled.
Housing and Dining Options for Kansai University Students at KU

As a Kansai University student, you will have some options for housing and dining plans during your stay at KU. In addition to university run housing and dining, you now also have the opportunity to choose a privately run residence hall, Naismith Hall. You can choose a different option each term. No matter your choice, you will have approximately the same amenities such as laundry facilities, resident advisors who will help you adjust to life at KU, and activities planned specifically for your residence hall or floor/hallway. It is more likely that you will share a room with another Kansai student during the spring and summer.  By fall, you should hopefully be able to room with other friends you meet at KU.

The following information is designed to help you decide which option to choose.

Jayhawker Towers and Dining         

You may choose to live in Jayhawker Towers, the KU owned apartments. 

Jayhawker Towers apartments comprise a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. The kitchen has a stove and refrigerator (and dishwasher in Towers A, B and D). Bedrooms are furnished with an extra-long twin bed, desk, chair, and dresser for each resident. Living room furniture and queen sized bed, which are shown in the virtual tours, are available from a rental company.

Renovated Towers A and D have newer kitchen and bath appliances, and a laundry room in each tower. Tower B has had some updates to the kitchen, but is not fully renovated, and Towers B and C share the Tower B free laundry. Apartments are designated as 2-person (each resident has own bedroom) or 4-person (2 residents share each bedroom).

You can find out more at https://housing.ku.edu/jayhawker-towers.

Naismith Residence Hall and Dining

Naismith is a privately owned residence hall with its own dining service. The location of Naismith Hall is as good as KU residence halls and the residents of Naismith Hall are KU students.Naismith is open all year. During the summer there are fewer KU students living in Lawrence, so Naismith Hall hosts younger students from local and regional schools and organizations attending summer camps at KU. If you live in Naismith in the spring, this will probably mean that you will have to change rooms for summer semester. In Naismith you will share your room with another person and share your bathroom with your roommate and the residents of the adjoining room. Naismith Hall also has its own workout facility and small swimming pool.

Although Naismith Hall has a small kitchen facility, you are required to have a Naismith Hall dining plan. This dining plan can only be used in the Naismith dining hall. 

To learn more about Naismith Hall and Dining and to see photos please visit http://naismithhall.com/.


In case of sickness, you should first go to the Watkins Student Health Center on campus.


  • As a student at the Applied English Center, you will be eligible for the full services offered by the Watkins Student Health Center at KU. You must have your KUID with you to receive medical treatment.
  • There is a charge for many services, including medications, x-rays and minor surgery. You or your health insurance company must pay these charges.
  • Prescriptions filled at the Student Health Center are not free, but they are less expensive than other pharmacies.
  • Dental care is not available at Watkins.

Regular office hours are:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Saturday: 12:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Sunday: Closed

During student breaks, hours are:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
  • Saturday: 12:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Appointment Line: 785-864-9507
Pharmacy: 785-864-9512
Automated Line: 785-864-9500
Emergency: 911

Health Insurance

You will be covered by KU student health insurance.

As a full-time student at the AEC, you will be able to see a doctor for free while you are at KU.

Any medical tests, medications or treatments you receive will be partially covered by your insurance but you will also be responsible for part of these costs.  The exact distribution of charges will depend upon which tests, medication or treatments you require but, in general, insurance covers about 80% of your medical charges.  During the break times between semesters, there may be a charge for visiting a doctor but your insurance will help pay for that charge.

Medical Check in

In order to be allowed to enroll at KU, you must have:

  • two (2) Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccinations,
  • a Turberculosis test, and
  • a Meningitis vaccination

If you have an official vaccination record that shows you have already taken the MMR and/or Meningitis vaccinations in your home country, you can bring it with you. The record must be in English, show the date you took the vaccination, and be signed by a doctor.

In the US, the MMR vaccination contains three vaccines – one each for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.  In your country each of these vaccines might be given separately.  Your records must show two vaccinations for each disease.

The Tuberculosis test must be taken in the U.S., so any test results regarding TB that you bring from your country will not be accepted.

If you do not have the correct vaccination record, you will be required to take the vaccinations here. 

  • Your insurance will cover 100% of the cost of these required immunizations.
  • If you think you have had these vaccinations but don't have a record, the staff at Watkins will offer you the possibility of taking a blood test (called a titer test) to check your immunity levels. Your insurance will not cover the costs of these tests.

The Applied English Center is dedicated to helping students whose first language is not English to make a smooth transition to regular, full-time coursework at the University of Kansas. All incoming students whose native language is not English are required to take the AEC Proficiency Test upon arrival on campus. Based upon the results of your exam, you may be required to take coursework at the Applied English Center to help improve your command of English.

The length of time you study at the AEC depends upon your level of English when you arrive, the speed at which you learn, and your willingness to study hard. Some students take only one or two AEC courses and move into regular KU classes after one semester. Other students spend one or two semesters as full-time AEC students, and then two or more semesters as part-time AEC students. Progression through the AEC is determined by the successful completion of student learning outcomes for each course.

AEC Courses

Core Courses:
There are two core courses at each level: Reading/Writing/Grammar and Listening/Speaking/Grammar. Core courses meet four days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 

Your placement in these classes will be determined by your scores on the Michigan Language Assessment (formerly CaMLA) Entrance Examination.
Summer Internship

During the summer and fall, you will be participating in an academic internship. This will include class meetings with your internship instructor as well as weekly time spent working at your internship placement. You will have some choice in your intership location though occasionally your class schedule will determine which internship you will be able to do.

Contact Information

The office is open from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. You may call the office to contact ISP staff during those hours. During the evenings or weekends, if you need to speak with someone from the ISP, you should call 785-521-5944.

Emergency phone:  785-521-5944

ISP Office phone:  785-864-6161

Mindy Van House
Office: (785) 864-1496

Erin Greer Smith
Office: (785) 864-1557

Grace Marco
Office: (785) 864-6161

Geri Lamer
Office: (785) 864-1321

Aaron Huerter
Office: (785) 864-5316



Optional Activities