Guest Speaker discussing Students' Rights with 2023 Fellows
Guest Speaker discussing Students' Rights while in the U.S.with 2023 Fellows


This course focuses on skills in communication and discussion in a variety of contexts, including professional presentations.  You will develop and practice professional presentation skills.  You will also hone pronunciation and oral fluency using seminar and group discussion formats. Topics will be drawn from Fellows' disciplines.

This course prepares you for reading and research demands in U.S. higher education. The course introduces theories behind rhetorical reading. You will practice effective pre-reading, reading and post-reading strategies.  You will also be introduced to research process principles and best practices. You will learn how to identify a research topic, gather and evaluate sources from an academic library database, and then import them into a reference manager to synthesize research into a research question. Important topics of avoiding plagiarism and conducting ethical research will also be addressed.

In this course, you will study argument development and support, American organizational schema, cohesion techniques and hedging language. Building academic vocabulary and honing written fluency and accuracy will be emphasized.

In this course, you will be introduced to a variety of internet search engines. To prepare for final presentations, you will learn customary accepted guidelines for PowerPoint slide formats in U.S. academic settings. The instructor will also include projects in digital literacy concepts such as using social media effectively and email netiquette. Introductions to requested software programs will be included as time permits.