Coins & Currency in the U.S.

Like other countries in the world, the U.S. issues their own coins and currency. The coins, in particular, can be somewhat confusing because of their varied size and special names.  Click the link below for pictures and an explanation of values for American currency.

Money in the US

Currency exchange and money

The airport in Kansas City is small and does NOT have any currency exchange kiosks. If your first stop in the U.S. is at a major airport, you may be able to exchange money there.

t can be difficult to exchange money once you reach Kansas. Although there is one bank in Lawrence that will exchange money, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

It is very common for U.S. residents to use bank and credit cards for almost all purchases, even small ones. If you bring a bank card or credit card from home, you can make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM (automated teller machine). However, there will likely be fees from both your home bank and the bank that owns the ATM.

Although it is a good idea to bring some U.S. currency to Kansas with you, it is NOT recommended that you bring large amounts of cash with you. If your cash is stolen, there is no way to replace it. We recommend bringing a small amount of cash and then using bank or credit cards to make purchases or access cash later.

If you do bring a large amount of cash with you, we recommend that you open a U.S. bank account to keep your money safe. U.S. banks are very safe and you will receive a bank card that you can use to make purchases or withdraw money from your account.