Watkins Memorial Helath Center building
Watkins Student Health Center

The U.S. has a very good healthcare system, but you may be worried because you have heard that healthcare is quite expensive in the U.S.. Your program fees include the cost of health insurance during your program at KU. You may need to pay a portion of the costs of health services, but the cost is usually minimal. KU has a health center, Watkins Health Center, run by The University of Kansas Health System and LMH Health. Using Watkins Health Center helps decrease the cost of your health services.

Your KU health insurance does not cover dental or vision care* unless the problem is a result of an accident or injury that occurred during your program at KU. If you will be at KU for more than a couple of months, we recommend that you get both your teeth and eyes checked before you come. Make sure to get any new eyeglasses you need before you come.

*If you do experience problems with your teeth or eyes during your program at KU, do not worry, there are options for lower cost dental and vision care!