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Classroom Expectations

When in the classroom, expectations for behavior are different in every country. Although your professors at KU will likely help you learn about U.S. classroom behavior, here are some of the things you can expect.

Arrive to class a little early. Five to ten minutes early is normal as teachers like to have students in their seats when the official class time begins

Get your book and supplies out right away, preferably before class starts so you don’t disrupt the teacher or other students

Don’t talk to classmates when the teacher or other students are speaking to the class. If you didn’t hear or understand something, ask your teacher to repeat or clarify it.

Don’t text, use your cellphone, or listen to music unless your teacher has given you permission.

One expectation in the U.S. that is often difficult for international students is homework. It is common in the U.S. for teachers to give students homework and completing it is often part of your grade. This is particularly true for classes for which practice is a necessary part of learning, such as languages or math. For other classes, such as history or science, your homework may simply be reading.

The expectation in the U.S. is a ratio of 2:1 - you should spend two hours outside of class working on homework for every hour you spend in class. Graduate students should expect to spend even more time working outside of class.