The KU-CCNU Future Educators Program arrival date is September 14, 2019.

Flying into Kansas City International Airport, Missouri (MCI)

  • The Kansas City airport is a one-hour drive from Lawrence, Kansas where the University of Kansas is located.
  • Staff from ISP will meet you at the airport and assist you in catching the shuttle to Lawrence.
  • Once you have gotten off the plane, ISP staff members will be waiting for you at the gate with a sign that reads: The University of Kansas Welcomes the KU - CCNU Future Educators Program
  • The staff members will help you find your luggage and catch the shuttle to Lawrence.
  • If you have a delay at any point on your journey, please contact ISP staff at 785-531-5944


    We will need to reschedule your shuttle.

  • The staff will ride the shuttle back to Lawrence with you and help you get settled into Naismith Hall where you will be living during your program.

We hope your journey is a safe one and we look forward to meeting you.

Kansas City International airport
Kansas City International Airport