The Pre-academic Program arrival date is June 1, 2023.

It is very important that you arrive on time for your program.

Arrival at Airport 

  • An ISP staff member will be looking for you at your airline's baggage claim area with a sign that reads: UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS WELCOMES SUMMER HUMPHREY FELLOWS.  Please do not leave the baggage claim area even if you have located your luggage.
  • The staff member will help you find your luggage and catch the next shuttle to Lawrence. In some cases, you may need to wait at the airport for an hour or so.  The staff member will  be happy to answer any questions you have while you wait.
  • If you have a delay at any point on your journey, please contact ISP at 785-521-5944. We will reschedule you on a later shuttle and make sure a staff member meets you when you land.
  • There will also be an ISP staff member at the residence hall where you will be living to help you get checked in when you arrive in Lawrence.

We hope your journey is a safe one and we look forward to meeting you.

Interior of the new Kansas City International Airport
Kansas City International Airport